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Save time

Manage your time and that of your employees on a specialized platform for Land Surveyors.

Improve your communications

VisionTTL includes messaging tools that make it easy to manage work internally and externally.

Organize your work

Manage your registry, georeference your work, Classify your lots, Manage your mandates and meet your deadlines.

Software specially designed for the management of a land surveyor’s office

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lidar processing software

Geomatics; always more accurate

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Geomatics has always been a science of “truth and accuracy”. But it has mainly evolved technically and strategically.


Digital document management software for land surveyors

Why VisionTTL?

VisionTTL is a flexible and easy-to-use software that reduces documents search time and optimizes filing.


Offers invoicing of mandates with tracking of the invoiced amounts versus the charges. Allows you to freeze charges, create separate customer billing, and export invoices as .CSV files (compatible Acomba, Excel, etc.)


Your jobs can be georeferenced and displayed on a map. Import the .ASK / ASCII survey plans and overlay them on your map, then filter them to display only the relevant information.


Designed to eliminate self-stick notes. This feature allows you to track your phone calls. It also allows you to create reminders associated with different jobs, and much more.

Time Manager

Calculate the average number of hours per job or an employee’s work record. Easily visualize the detail of daily tasks. Also, generate time reports by mandate, type of work or activity.

Compatible with Outlook

Allows the export of your data in .CSV, .RTF and .HTM format. Also offers compatibility with Outlook (calendars) and automated production of documents such as correspondence, evaluation reports and more.

Advanced search

The search engine can search for the exact information to find the right document, be it a date, contact, street name, geographical area, or type of work. It can be as specific as you want!

Point cloud software - geo-plus

Looking for a land survey software that integrates with your CAD?