The most effective way to manage your land survey records.


Standardize your operations

Normalize your files to the standards of your professional association.

Improve efficiency

Minimize human errors by working with automated tools.

Keep your data organized

Store your data on several archive directories to easy document tracking.

A Land and office Document Management solution for certified appraisers, mining companies, governmental bodies, municipalities, civil engineers, and land surveyors.

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Land Surveying software - geo-plus

Geomatics; always more accurate

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Geomatics has always been a science of “truth and accuracy”. But it has mainly evolved technically and strategically.


Looking for an adapted document manager?

Why VisionDoc?

VisionDoc can easily store all your documents into virtual cabinets. With its powerful search engine, its import/export capacities and business manager’s feature, it becomes a complete assistant to optimize, manage, archive, search, retrieve and geo-reference documents.


 In addition to georeferencing your jobs on a map, you can attach cartographic records, associated documents, invoices, dwg plans, acts, any scanned archived document, etc…

Automatic documents filling

Minimize human errors by creating template documents to generate your final letters and reports. You can even fill your drawing cartridges automatically from VisionDoc data.

Activities management

Enter the progress of your work and easily designate tasks to your teammates so that everyone knows where everything is and what has been done.

Compatible with Outlook

Import and export your contacts directly through Outlook and send e-mails automatically when tasks begin.

Powerful search engine

Our powerful search engine allows you to search the exact information. Apply as many filters as you need to find the right document.

Save searches

Often making the same queries to produce reports? Save your search parameters and when needed, share them to enhance team work efficiency.

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Manage your land survey records.

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