Get the most efficient land surveying tool.


Save time

Gather information on the field and synchronize your data simultaneously.

Improve your workflow

Access all of your data on an interactive map, and apply necessary modifications.

Have constant control

Share your documents and view them in a secure manner. Decide who can access your data.

Developed by land surveyors for land surveyors

logiciel nuage de point - geo-plus

Geomatics always more accurate

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Geomatics has always been a science of “truth and accuracy”. But it has mainly evolved technically and strategically.


Looking for a land surveying software?

Why VisionCarto?

VisionCarto is a totally portable and secure browser, which can automatically diffuse points and plot from your CAD. It can be integrated into VisionCivil Pro®, VisionPlus®, and VisionCivil Lt.®

Data Management

Overlay all of your data coming from Android® and Apple® on an interactive map (OpenStreetMap®, Bing® Imagery).

GPS Information

Annotate and synchronize photos uploaded from a mobile device, and access their GPS information on the field and at the office.

Secure Collaboration

With a secure cloud hosting (HTTPS), your documents are shared amongst your team members, and viewed securely.

Processing LiDAR Point Clouds? Discover our LiDAR software.