Civil engineering software

Update your cadastral plans


Make the task easy

Benefit from an ergonomic interface and 100% digital software.

Eliminate mistakes

Easily adapt to the cadastre standards of the Quebec Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (MERN).

Installable in your CAD

Generate your cadastral operation plots directly on your CAD platform.

Work with the official list of secondary designations for all of Quebec in your user interface!

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Land Surveying software - geo-plus
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Geomatics; always more accurate

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Geomatics has always been a science of “truth and accuracy”. But it has mainly evolved technically and strategically.


Looking for a software for your cadastral operations?

Why VisionCadastre Pro?

VisionCadastre Pro automates the booking of your lots. Because it integrates with your CAD, the learning curve is greatly minimized.


VisionCadastre Pro executes validations of the interaction between the attached document, the request form, the plans and the files resulting from the extraction, thus avoiding several validations and accelerating the cadastral operations.

Specialized tools

The production of cadastral maps is simplified by specialized tools such as structuring, reference arrows, enlargement planks, cartographic and paper-scale reduction zones. These tools run according to the Ministry standards.

Plot management

Analyzes the topology of the plots by registering only the necessary measurements and validates fixed measurements to identify the defects of the drawing. All of MERN’s necessary structuring is registered and taken care of.

lidar processing software - geo-plus

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