We are a multidisciplinary and dynamic team

Our Departments



Our administration department is the backbone of our organization. It’s the link between our various departments and ensures the smooth flow of information from one part to another.



Our finance department is the part of our organization that manages its money. It includes planning, organizing, auditing, accounting, and controlling the company’s finances.



Our sales team is responsible for selling our solutions and services. They also develop business opportunities and make sure to respect our distributors’ deals.



Our marketing team immerse themselves into our clients’ businesses to gain powerful insights and to create inspiring, intentional strategy and design. Their purpose is clear, effectively engage our audience and motivate them to start using our solutions.


Technical Support

Our Technical Support team is responsible of taking ownership of customer issues reported and seeing problems through to resolution, as well as researching, diagnosing, troubleshooting, and identifying solutions to resolve these issues.



Our IT team is responsible for envisioning and setting goals in the information technology department of our company. It includes processing, storing, transmitting, and protecting information in our organization.


Software Development

Our software development team works using Agile method, believing that teamwork is essential in the process of delivering a great software. For each member there is nothing more rewarding than sharing the adventure of building something that truly matters.


Q & A

Our Q & A team focuses on delivering better software faster, using the Agile method to improve their collaboration and to reduce the time spent waiting for resources to become available, improving each new version, and making sure the functionalities have been modified, and the errors corrected.