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lidar processing software
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Civil engineering software - geo-plus
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Logiciel génie civil - geo-plus

Who We Are

Geo-Plus is widely known in the International software technology market in AEC (architecture, engineering, construction). Since the beginning of the business in 1987, thousands of worldwide clients have used our products and services.

Our Vision suite includes more than 16 3D measurement, 3D structure, geometry, cadastre and document management software related to the territories. Most of our software are fully integrated with AutoCAD®, Civil3D®, MicroStation®, PowerDraft® and Bricscad® platforms. Our line of solutions is consistently at the forefront of CAD/GIS technology.

The key to the success of our company is the innovation of our products and the promptness of the technical support service.

Point cloud software - geo-plus
scan to BIM - geo-plus
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lidar processing software - geo-plus
Land Surveying software - geo-plus

Why We Are Different


Outstanding Technical Support

Our unique, continuous after-sales support and our fast response time allow us to meet the specific requests of each one of our clients.


Modular Development Approach

Our flexible modular software development approach always push our goals one step further regarding the satisfaction of our clients.


Innovative Software Technologies

Over the years, our market has evolved along with our product line. Geo-Plus delivers throughout America, an innovative, reliable and comprehensive suite – the Vision Series.


Affordable Annual Maintenance

Thanks to our monthly and annual subscription plans our clients don’t have to renew their maintenance contract, it’s included!

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Our Services


Software Implementation

Geo-Plus can help a client through the stages of implementation of geomatics projects which includes:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Master plan design
  • Inventory of documents and spatial data
  • Modeling and structure of data used in the descriptive files
  • Creating information systems of spacial references


Training Programs

Geo-Plus training programs adjust to firm’s schedule and availability to offer training in four different ways:
– Live using remote technology
– In our head office
– At the customer’s office
– In an academic institution
All our training programs are recognized by Land Surveyors, Civil Engineers, Architects, and Real Estate Appraisers professional associations.


This service is provided to the users of VisionDoc, VisionTTL, VisionCarto and VisionExpertise. The entire client’s data is inserted into the software database with accuracy.

Software Maintenance

Maintenance includes support and updates. Several methods are available to answer customers’ questions. The issues arising from AutoCAD or MicroStation use are not included in the maintenance plan. However, the FAQs answer some of those questions.

Connect to your portal

We offer the best after-sales experience online

Connect to your client or partner space and access your files, documents, and even create your own technical support ticket.

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