A point cloud results of a collection of many points collected by a 3D scanner that can create 3D representations of existing structures. With VisionLiDAR, it’s possible to view and work with the collected data.

Point cloud files facilitate the drawing procedure by working from a real image and referencing objects or inserting points into the image.

Once the point cloud related to your drawing in your CAD, it’s also possible to work on your picked points previously selected in VisionLiDAR directly on your 2D or 3D drawing. You can also change the appearance or the characteristics of your points by using this method. However, VisionLiDAR can also be used alone. The point clouds are created from raw data, which were scanned and represent real objects such as buildings, forests, vehicles, etc.

In VisionLiDAR you can also change the look of your point cloud using classification. This feature will improve your work performance and facilitate your understanding of the point cloud.

Vue classifiée dans VisionLiDAR

Change the points density in your cloud by managing the visual rendering of your point cloud and removing noise and unnecessary objects.

By applying a display by color you can automatically categorize your objects and assign a color. This feature allows you to choose between the colors Red Green Blue (RGB), or view your point cloud by normal, by intensity, or by elevation.

Recut your point cloud to achieve your object extractions

In VisionLiDAR, it’s possible to export objects from your point cloud by detecting automatically or manually objects.

Détection de bordure dans VisionLiDAR

Create geometry from segmented parts of the point cloud:

  • Create contour lines.
  • Remove the center line of a cylindrical object.
  • Extract a 2D geometry in a cloud segment.

Perform standard editing operations in your by editing the standard settings of your point cloud:

  • Cut, paste, move, rotate, remove or scale.
  • Change the general settings of your point cloud like changing the colors of your classes.



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