Manage your surfaces, calculate your volumes and improve your project delivery time!

Edit Your Surfaces

Quickly edit your surfaces by adding breaklines and holes easily!

Manage Your Surfaces

Use a Powerful Cogo

Use powerful COGO features!

COGO features

Improve Your Survey

Save time and respond faster to your customer’s needs!

Work faster

Draw Precisely

Stop overloading your drawing and start drawing directly from field data.

Sophisticate Your Drawing

Integrate Your Files

Share the same databases with your other Vision software solutions.

Share Your Files

Manage Your Data Collectors

Have a constant control over your data!

Get a precise drawing

Work faster with VisionCivil Lt. 2017


What’s nice about VisionCivil Lt.?

VisionCivil Lt. integrates into your favorite CAD tool (BricsCad®, AutoCAD®, Microstation®, PowerDraft®) to improve its functionality and usability. VisionCivil Lt. can also be the bridge between them.

VisionCivil Lt. uses an external CAD database. This way, the drawing is lighter for the workstation to handle. Sharing your data becomes easier!

It offers features like triangulating a surface created from graphics selections or point groups, editing your surfaces easily by adding breaklines and holes, uses powerful COGO features, works with 2D and 3D profile alignments, customizes your profiles and sections, easily and precisely calculates the volume between two surfaces, sections or complex volumes (overhangs), applies a combined scale factor to all objects and many others.

It creates drawings according to your own standards or those of your customers or subcontractors.

Improve project delivery time with time saving land survey and civil engineering features and respond faster to your customer’s needs.

Your Benefits


VisionCivil Pro, VisionPlus and VisionCivil Lt can be installed on AutoCAD®, MicroStation® or BricsCAD® within the same organization, thus the learning curve is minimal.. Sharing data and standards between different departments or with different subcontractors is now easy and time saving.

Included in: VisionPlus, VisionCivil Pro and VisionCivil Lt

External Database

Having an external database to store points, linework, parcels, surfaces and others has many advantages. First, it lightens the drawing file. Second, it accelerates processes. Third, the data can be shared more easily and transferred from one CAD to another at the blink of an eye. Lastly, since the same database can be use with our many software solutions, it allows you to have the right software for the right person at the right cost.

Included in: VisionPlus, VisionCivil Pro, VisionCivil Lt and VisionLiDAR


All of our software solutions interact with one another. VisionCivil Pro shares the same databases with VisionPlus, VisionCivil Lt and VisionLiDAR. Cartridges can be filled with the information of VisionDoc. Information can be pushed to or updated from VisionCarto and VisionPad The more Vision software you have the easier your work gets.

Included in: VisionPlus, VisionCivil Pro, VisionCivil Lt and VisionLiDAR


With an external database stored on the server, multiple users can work on the same project simultaneously. For instance, the field team can drop their data while the draftsman is currently working on one of the final plan and the surveyor is currently adjusting the old survey to the correct coordinates. Another person could also simultaneously do virtual surveying in VisionLiDAR to create linework for the draftsman to incorporate.

Included in: VisionPlus, VisionCivil Pro, VisionCivil Lt and VisionLiDAR

Customized Standards

You have your own drawing standards and you want to keep them? No problems, all the tools are implemented for you to configure your own or you can select an already created one. In fact you can easily change from one standard to another allowing you to use the same data for two different ends by converting the standards and PCodes of a project. Keep a standard for all of your contractors and always deliver the right product for the right person.

Included in: VisionPlus, VisionCivil Pro, VisionCivil Lt and VisionLiDAR

Main Features

Fieldbook import/export

We offer you many functions to control and manage your data collectors from importing and exporting to adjusting traverse, validating, excluding and correcting observations, automatically drawing the survey and managing the linework with your desired standards, etc. All manipulations are written in the final reports allowing a constant control over your data.

Included in: VisionPlus, VisionCivil Pro and VisionCivil Lt

Powerful COGO

The COGO module brings all the needed mathematical functions for your works. You can easily calculate and implement traverses, inverse, intersections, curves, find the best line, best curve, translate/rotate by least square and many more. All of them will be automatically inscribed in your final report.

Included in: VisionPlus, VisionCivil Pro and VisionCivil Lt


Simply bring your linework from the field to the drawing with our powerful chain manager. The PCodes and line codes will then automatically be recognized to draw the linework with your standards. The chain manager can also easily change a PCode, the point order or the direction of a line. You can also detect crossings and create surfaces very easily.

Included in: VisionPlus, VisionCivil Pro, VisionCivil Lt and VisionLiDAR

Points and notes

Points and notes are associated with PCodes to allow different symbols for different entities. This feature allows for the creation of a faster and more precise drawing directly from field data. If specified, the notes are transferred in the database and drawn. This allows a quick review of field notes without overloading the drawing.

Included in: VisionPlus, VisionCivil Pro and VisionCivil Lt

Surface Management

Creating, editing and triangulating surfaces can be as fast and easy or as complex and meticulous as you need. Just select the points and breaklines you need and triangulate them to automatically create your boundaries. You can also invert triangles, create holes, simplify your points, carve the boundary, add different material layers and many more.

Included in: VisionPlus, VisionCivil Pro and VisionCivil Lt

Profiles and cross section

Personalise your profiles and cross sections for the office and easily generate graphs for your surfaces within the CAD with all the desired information. Show the vertical curves, the different material layers and slopes exactly the way you want.

Included in: VisionPlus, VisionCivil Pro and VisionCivil Lt

Pad design

Easily calculate the cut and fill of pads and retention basin by drawing its contour with lines or arcs to compare it to the surface. You can adjust the slope for each segment to reach the desired surface and automatically generate a new surface.

Included in: VisionCivil Pro and VisionCivil Lt

Combined scale factor

Working with large projects is now easy. VisionPlus, VisionCivil Lt and VisionCivil Pro functions are adjusted with your desired combined scale factor. The combined scale factor can be specified or calculated from known points. All your drawing will then reflect the field without any headaches.

Included in: VisionPlus, VisionCivil Pro and VisionCivil Lt

Complex volumes

We offer you four methods to calculate volumes: surface to surface, grid to grid, cross sections and solids. This allows you to better verify your results and add precision to your proofs. You can see the cut and fills planimetrically with the surface to surface method to better judge your project. The solid method allows you to calculate overhangs and complex solids and holes that would not be possible with standard volume calculations.

Included in: VisionPlus, VisionCivil Pro, VisionCivil Lt and VisionLiDAR