Here are the highlights of Geo-Plus history, dates of emergence of its software and other developments or events that mark a transitional stage in the course of the business.

It all started in winter 1987 with the software that bears the name of the company, Geoplus. Over time the software Geo-plus became VisionPlus, than came  VisionPlus with DTM (Digital Terrain Modeling). And VisionPlus with DTM became the sophisticated VisionCivil the software for Civil Projects. And other products came along as well. But let’s start from the beginning…

  • 1987
    – Creation of the software Geo-plus

    – Creation of software CardexPlus (which, over time, became VisionDoc)
    – Prototype of VisionPlus on AutoCAD
    – Development of an electronic notebook processing module for Geo-plus
    – Adaptation of CardexPlus for network access
    – Acquiring permission to resell Intergraph software for MicroStation family

    – Start of development for VisionPlus on MicroStation
    – Implementation of the Multi-notebook for Geo-plus

    – Marketing of VisionPlus on MicroStation
    – Creation of a module for points managing, for VisionPlus

    – Development in C + +
    – Implementation of the new GUI (Graphical User Interface) for VisionPlus
    – Automation of the function Change of scale on VisionPlus

    – New data structure for CardexPlus
    – Development of a Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM) module for VisionPlus
    – Implantation of polygons manager in VisionPlus

    – Analysis of graphs dependencies for VisionPlus
    – Adaptation to the topology of polygons for VisionPlus

    – Development of validity tests for CardexPlus
    – Modules validation for geometric calculations for VisionPlus
    – Authorized dealer for Bentley (MicroStation) products
    – First VisionPlus software sales to government, specifically the Ministry of Environment and Wildlife

    – Tests done on databases and alphanumeric coding
    – Development of VisionCadastre Software
    – Prototype of CardexPlus in a graphical environment
    – Using of Geo-Plus’ software by the Technical Department of Geomatics of Limoilou College for educational purposes

    – Graphical modeling of CardexPlus
    – Optimization of the generic characteristics of VisionPlus
    – Synchronization of descriptive and graphical data and automation of changes in the measurement of adjacent lots for VisionPlus
    – Association with the consulting firm DMR in the “Dimitrov” project in Russia

    – Creating of a COGO module in Visual Basic
    – Sale of VisionCadastre software to the Ministry of Natural Resources, Cadastral Management Division.

    – VisionPlus Development of AutoCAD version 14
    – Sale of 125 VisionPlus licenses to the Ministry of Transport
    – Creation of VisionMunicipal Software

    – Development of Object Point and Configuration models.

    – Development  of VisionMust Software

    – Development  of VisionIso Software
    Adaptation and translation of VisionPlus and VisionMust software documentation for U.S. market
    – Obtaining rights to the trademarks of VisionPlus and VisionMust for the territory of Canada and the United States

    – Development  of VisionDoc Software

    – Alliances with 5 distributors in the United States
    – Development of new and improved VisionDTM software
    – Creation of a U.S. subsidiary, Geo-Plus USA, with offices in Newark, New Jersey

    – Adaptation of VisionDoc software for chartered appraisers
    – Software development of VisionTerrain (IntelliCAD) and of a freeware version of VisionMust software

    – Development of 3D alignment with templates for the construction of roads
    – Attendance at the 100th anniversary of the Congress of Surveyors
    – Participation in the Laval Technopole Mission for the broadening of horizons in western Canada
    – Development of modules for pipes (sewers) and aqueducts
    – Adaptation of software VisionPlusPro to VisionCivil
    – Alliance with the Digital School of Alberta regarding training and distribution Geo-Plus software

    – Launching of an office in Edmonton, Alberta
    – New website, new logo and improved communication with customers

    – On line e-commerce
    – Merging of Geo-plus usa to Geo-Plus.

    – Vision Series software are available on Bricscad environment.