Today, cadastre allows the implementation of land policies of a state. In this context, mapping’s primary role is to control urban development, regulate land market and enable the realization of important projects. Due to new needs and concerns in modern societies, the concept of cadastre underwent a major conceptual change.

This conceptual evolution carries a need for specialised software. To support this new vision, Geo-Plus has developed various software products. For example, VisionPlus supports the transition from paper plans containing land information to territorial information systems with more developed and diversified content. VisionPlus allows you to view and manage cadastral operations. Then, by creating cadastral renewal documents it’s possible to track cadastral renovation using other Vision software to implement the execution of quality control.

Since 1992, the Quebec government is focusing on a reform of the cadastral program. This update of Quebec’s cadastre is known as the cadastral reform, and is expected to continue until 2023. In the scope of this mandate, Geo-Plus software allows the user to make a good cost management for design and data update, as well as to speculate the importance and magnitude of surveying and land analysis.

As mentioned by Professor Francis Roy, “In many developing countries, the data’s geometric and geospatial precision remains insufficient. […] This lack of precision in the cadastral boundaries can be observed for the province of Misiones in Argentina, where it is impossible to superimpose the cadastral mapping information to international borders. […] Another example of lack of precision in the compilation of cadastral maps is the one from Costa Rica, where 75% of the country’s land is identified on the Cadastral parcel plans, while compiling these plans represents up to 133% of the total area of the country “. Those examples show how cadastral issues are indeed present all around the world. Finally, it is by choosing the right level of computer technology with the right tools and software (CAD, GIS, database) that geomatics stakeholders will be able to face these issues while optimizing processes and improving their results.