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File / Open Map, the map must be opened for those functions to work, just reopen it with if you mistakenly closed it.

Settings / Preferences, select a Default Data

Utilities / Conversion / ASCII -> MDB, you then select the file and specify how its structured.

File/Update in batch, select the source folder containing all the databases to update. You can also add or update standards, to spread your new PCodes per example.

Click on Surfaces to see the resume of all your surfaces and then click on “Update drawing”

You must have duplicate points in your surface, click on the progess bar at the bottom to stop the process, and then click on that surface name and the button “Validate” in the surface tab.

VisionPlus / Manage standards, copy the configuration to the .mdb file model.

Settings / Configuration / Pcode and categories, add a pcode. This operation will only update the database currently in use.

We can install the VisionCivil software on two platforms (ex: VisionCivil for AutoCAD and VisionCivil for MicroStation). You must install both programs in two different folders on your computer. Both VisionCivil installations must have the same version number.

It is not possible to install VisionCivil software on two different versions of the same platform’s family. (Ex: VisionCivil on an AutoCAD 2012 and VisionCivil on an AutoCAD MAP 2011).

No, you must install VisionCivil software, but your licence will restrict to the use Vision and Cogo modules only.

You must open the software that you wish to borrow a license, go to the “About software” function, and click on “borrow”, set a date for how long you wish to borrow the license. The licence will then be borrowed from the server, thus inaccessible to other user for the time being, and at the end of that period or when you will reconnect your computer to the network and reopen VisionCivil, the licence will return to the server.

The window is open, but it may be hidden to the outside of the screen. Select the function, Alt-Space, “L”, press the up arrow and move the mouse. The window may appear on the screen.

  1. Open the AutoCAD options: Tools / Options.
  2. Select the “Files” tab.
  3. Select “Trusted locations”.
  4. Click on the “Add…” button on the right.
  5. Enter the VisionCivil installation folder (example: C:\Program Files\VisionCivil).
  6. Click the “Add…” button again.
  7. Enter the following folder: C:\Users\[UserName]\appdata\roaming\autodesk\[AutoCAD version]\r19.1\enu\support\.


You must enter the points of the parcel in the clockwise direction so that the distance is draw inside the parcel and the angle outside.


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