LiDAR at the heart of self-driving cars

While Google uses LiDAR for project X, its new self-driving vehicle, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, refuses to integrate the technology into its new electric model and judges LiDAR as “ineffective” in this context. However, on May 7 at Willison, Florida, a driver of a 2015 Tesla S died in a car crash involving a [...]

What to do with your point cloud in VisionLiDAR?

A point cloud results of a collection of many points collected by a 3D scanner that can create 3D representations of existing structures. With VisionLiDAR, it’s possible to view and work with the collected data. Point cloud files facilitate the drawing procedure by working from a real image and referencing objects or inserting points into [...]

LiDAR mapping: prevent landslides

March 22 2014, in Oso, Washington, a landslide killed 43 people and injured many more. Yet in 2006, the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries declared during a forum about landslides that "collect and analyze LiDAR data [would] help prevent inevitable natural disasters." After the tragedy of Oso, the government's vision was to estimate [...]

LiDAR technology : future of land surveying

Experts based throughout Quebec offer their opinion regarding the use of a new technology that seems to revolutionize land surveying, LiDAR. In 2016, LiDAR, also known as a detection system and laser range which allows terrestrial, airbone, or mobile scanning, and provides detailed digital models of terrain, also records landscape in 3D. Thus, surveys generate [...]


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