Geo-Plus Academy


What we learn

Participants will learn how to

  • Use their Vision Solution to its full potential
  • Integrate Vision Solution with other CAD tools

Who should attend

New users

“Practice is the Best of All Instructors”
– Publilius Syrus 42 AD –

Geo-Plus offers worldwide on-site training so that customers can fully benefit from the purchase of their Vision Solutions. Through our global training service and distribution partners, customers can benefit from a series of hands-on courses specifically designed to maximize the use of any Vision Solution.

Courses go beyond covering the fundamentals of a Vision Solution. In interactive role-playing sessions, participants will acquire the skills to develop their own approaches and gain valuable information to adapt their CAD tools.

Course material

You will not go home empty-handed. You will leave this training session with a certificate, a workbook and step-by-step guidelines for using the information you have just learned.

The course will give you specifics you can apply immediately.

We promise results on your very next day of class… and for many years to come!

Should you need more information on our training service, contact us at

Geo-Plus is committed to being a customer-focused company.