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Who Is Geo-Plus ?

The founder and President, Mr. Wilfrid Beaupre, expert in land surveying and in computer science is a result-oriented businessman who has made a definite mark in the geomatics market.

Wilfrid and his hand picked winning team of R&D experts have developed the best type of software in the field. They also have designed a variety of add-on solutions for AutoCAD®, Civil3D®, MicroStation®, PowerDraft®, Bricscad® platforms. Geo-Plus prides itself in delivering intuitive, reliable and powerful working tools.

Our Programmers, Customer support technicians, Trainers, Marketing/Communications people and Administrators all look forward to bringing forth Geo-Plus continued success and growth toward new, undiscovered horizons.

Geo-Plus offers worldwide on-site training so that customers can fully benefit from the purchase of their Vision Solutions. Through our global training service and distribution partners, customers can benefit from a series of hands-on courses specifically designed to maximize the use of any VisionSolution.

Courses go beyond covering the fundamentals of a Vision Solution. In interactive role-playing sessions, participants will acquire the skills to develop their own approaches and gain valuable information to adapt their CAD tools.

Welcome To Geo-Plus

Since 1987, Geo-Plus has been designing and developing software solutions for Land Management Professionals. All our products are fully integrated into AutoCAD®, Civil3D®, MicroStation®, PowerDraft®, Bricscad® platforms.

Over the years, our market has evolved along with our product line. Geo-Plus delivers throughout America, an innovative, reliable and comprehensive suite – the Vision Series.

Our team is proud to present its line of high-quality solutions that are consistently at the forefront of CAD/GIS technology. Our significant growth can be attributed to our commitment to listen and respond quickly to customers’ requirements. Our Vision Series solutions are also modular built. Whatever LM industry you’re in, there is a Geo-Plus solution to make your life easier and increase your productivity.

Geo-Plus Memberships

Member of Montreal Chamber of Commerce

Member of the Land Surveyor Association of Quebec

Member of Federation of Computer Specialists of Quebec (FIQ)

Member of InerlogiQ Network

Member of the ACRGTQ

Our unique, continuous after-sales support and our modular approach allows us to meet specific needs and diversify our market.

Take a look at our product information published on this website, check our demos and download our free evaluation software. Once you actually try a Vision series product, we’re confident you’ll want to work with it.

Some of Our Customers

These tools enable us to effectively meet our surveying and civil engineering needs, in particular because they are fully integrated with AutoCAD and they are configured according to our own standards of design.

Moreover, we can not ignore the good cooperation of the technical support team.

City of Shawinigan
I simply want to say bravo to everyone in Geo-Plus’ team for the quality of the service and the extremely fast technical support. We have been using VisionPlus and VisionCogo software for 7 years now and I confirm that these tools allow us to meet all our land surveying needs.
Marc-Andre Bedard, technician Corriveau J.L.
We greatly appreciate the VisionPlus software, specifically the utility folder for land surveying and the parcel creation tool. It allows us to have a very good management of our records related to land acquisition and the table containing the lists of owners lets us make good follow ups. Moreover, it is very easy to use. This tool meets our expectations. Thank you.
Cyril Bonneau, technician in public works Department of Transportation, Surveying Division
In June 1999, we made the acquisition of your software. Since then, we were able to appreciate the performance and progress of this software solution and the excellent support service that comes with it.

In fall 2003, we have added VisionCogo software. The performance of your technical support has managed to maintain an excellent level of quality during crucial steps, they have also distinguished themselves by the outstanding training provided.

City of Montreal
With Vision Cogo, everything works well, it has several functions, but above all, it’s easier to draw parcels when it is time for registry renewal , I appreciate the speed and efficiently of points creation.
Melissa Lennon, Designer Jacques Blanchard Land Surveyor
It has been over 10 years already that our firm uses Geo-Plus software for calculations and we are completely satisfied. Since we have acquired the software, we have been saving a a lot of time, and our office customers service is more efficient as we can easily consult our registry. Thank you!
Lucie Menard, Designer and Technician Arseneault, Bourbonnais Inc.
I greatly appreciate the support, the assistance provided is well explained. The software is user friendly and easy to use. After a week you become skillful. The fields presented are interesting. In the former version, I could not put the plan and estimate. Since I have VisionDoc 2009, my bills are done faster!
Christine Mercier, Ecce Terra Land Surveyors
Following the implementation of your VisionPlus software in our City’s different services, and its day-to-day use, we wish to express our satisfaction regarding the quality of this product and above all, its ease of use.
Also, we appreciate the software’s flexibility and its adaptability to suit our specific needs
City of Prevost
The City of Ottawa has used VisionPlus and VisionCogo software for the past 5 years. Our staff are very impressed with the product and appreciate the customer support that we get from Geo-Plus staff. When we call with a problem or a recommendation as to how the product can be altered to meet our needs, we are met with courteous and prompt attention. Suggestions to changes have been acted upon and integrated in subsequent editions of the software which occur on a scheduled basis.

… The software works inside microstation so the operator can actually “see” the calculations as they are carried out. The software uses a combined scale factor and offers quick conversion of coordinates between a variety of adjustments. The software allows editing of previous calculations to facilitate the rerunning of an entire file.

Bottom line is that we are very happy with the product and very impressed with the customer support and expect to carry on our relationship with Geo-Plus in the coming years.

W.A. (Bill) Harper, a.-g., City of Ottawa
We purchased a license of your VisionPlus software solution. After using it for several months, we would like to express our appreciation for the excellent after-sale service provided. We hope you continue your excellent work.
Ministry of Environment
We would hereby like to express our satisfaction with VisionPlus software regarding its performance and usefulness in our daily applications.
We have been able to enjoy its many land surveying calculation functions and drawing capacities.
“Moreover, the courses designed and tailored to our needs were much appreciated by our technical staff. We have no hesitation in recommending this software product to all Surveyors and other Geomatic workers
Ministry of Natural Resources
Since 1998, we have been using the VisionPlus software solution. We would hereby like to express our appreciation regarding after-sale services and support.

We have also noticed a constant upgrading of the software according to new available technology.

For us, this solution is an essential working tool for file exchanges with the Ministry of Natural Resources, and it more than meets our needs.

City of Quebec
VisionPlus which operates in AutoCAD, has been implanted at our office for over ten years.

The software is completely integrated to AutoCAD environment combining COGO calculations and drawing functions. It is very user friendly and convenient to use.

The real test for a software product is the quality of after-sales support. With a dynamic and professional team, my questions were answered quickly, and I am happy to recommend your services and products as great tools to improve updating, reliability and many other aspects of a Geomatic project. Congratulations! The solution exceeded my expectations.

City of Gatineau
The team at Geo-Plus is very competent and was able to bring a major project to term.

We are pleased with the results and we encourage them to continue in this direction. It is with the acquisition of Geo-Plus products that our working tools have improved and in an increasingly friendly environment.

Furthermore, the development achieved with Geo-Plus, modules specific to our field of activity, allows us to to be more efficient and respond appropriately to engineering requirements.

One of VisionPlus most useful tool for our land survey team is the parcel manager, if it did not exist someone would have to come up with it! On top of keeping track of all created parcels for each folder, it can automatically draw a parcel. And if a change quickly needs to be done on the plan, the parcel is deleted and redrawn very quickly.
Alexandra Rivard, Land Survey Coordinator City of Three Rivers
Excellent parcel manager. I like the pinning of the points at the segments extremities. It is very easy to create a file of points, on screen. It’s great to be able to delete plots and than automatically redraw them at another scale. I appreciate the fusion of parcels with points from on base to another.
Jean Fleury, Land Surveyor Bolduc, Poulin & ass. Ecce Terra Geomatics